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For over 20 years we’ve been conducting sociological research, surveys and audience studies for Romanian and foreign clients and we’re still collecting, analysing and bringing data to life. We make statistical information accessible and easy to understand and, most of all, useful to those who need it.  Each research strategy is personalised depending on our clients and their needs, while maintaining our high quality standards, as performace is one of Metro Media Transilvania’s working principles.



we specialize in:
Market research

Market research offers public and private companies information that fosters optimal decision making and efficient resource allocation. Market studies consist of data collection and processing, in order to offer clients clear information about markets or market sectors and to reduce future decision uncertainty.

Sociological studies

Through the implementation of quantitative and qualitative sociological research methods, sociological studies offer public and private institutions and organisations the information they need in their work. These studies are representative for the studied populations and offer the possibility to focus on the clients’ interest areas.

Audience studies

Audience studies measure media notoriety and audience, evaluate broadcasting contents and their impact. They offer the media and advertisement markets audience results measured according to the industry’s standards and are useful in the evaluation of publications performance and the improvement of editorial content.

Political marketing

Political marketing studies offer political actors essential information for the evolution of an electoral campaign, the choice of campaign issues and candidates, the evaluation of slogans and messages and their impact. The process of maximizing the number of voters is often supported by the choice of proper marketing instruments.

Organizational assessment

Evaluations studies are a useful tool for organizational diagnosis, identification of structural dysfunctionalities and the creation of solutions for improving work efficiency. Organizational diagnosis is an assessment of the organization as a whole, encompassing all its sub-systems, and is a key step in any future institutional development.


The information our specialists get from analyzing the data we collect is “translated” to the understanding of the clients, who receive reports that are easy to understand and graphically accessible. The conclusions of the studies may be, at the beneficiary’s request, the basis for a set of recommendations meant to improved their activity.


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